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Join us for an event this spring!

Next Events:
Dance at the Majestic, hosted by USA DANCE
April 20, 2018 (Friday), 8-10 pm
(Lessons from 7-7:45 pm)
1027 N Forest St., Bellingham, WA

Lovitt Restaurant
Enjoy a nice meal as the Swing Connection
plays in the restaurant.
May 16, 2018 (Wednesday), 7-10 pm
1114 Harris Avenue, Fairhaven,
Bellingham, WA





Listen to a DEMO RECORDING MEDLEY featuring six tunes:
(to play,
right click on this link, save file, and open file)

I Love Being Here with You (featuring Cheryl Hodge),
Song For My Father, Riff City
(Composer: Swing Connection's
own Robert Storms), Darn That Dream (featuring
Cheryl Hodge), Easy Street, and CB Express


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